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NICU Awareness: 24 week twins, twinless twin, therapies, and hope

January 27, 2021


Today our guest host Tamra Crabtree, speaks with mom, Gabbi Gifford, about her twin girls Eliana Rose and Harper Mae, born at just 24 weeks and 1 day gestation.  Gabbi gives us a glimpse into some heartbreaking and precious moments, she and her husband Sirandon, had during their 98 day Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay.

We skim the surface on topics like prematurity, twins, raising a twinless twin, transition from NICU, integrating therapies into their lives, Oklahoma resources (SoonerStart, SoonerRide), and how we tend to compare our children to others.


To learn more about the resources Gabbi mentions in her podcast, please take a look at the resource links below:
SoonerStart (https://sde.ok.gov/soonerstart)
SoonerRide (https://oklahoma.gov/ohca/individuals/soonerride.html)

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