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National Newborn Screening Awareness Month (Jennifer Baysinger)

September 18, 2020

September is National Newborn Screen Awareness Month.

Jennifer Baysinger, Progam Manager for Oklahoma State Department of health has been a registered nurse for over 19 years. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration in 2013. Her primary  career has been centered on the health of infants and children. In 2008, Jennifer joined the Oklahoma Newborn Screening Program as the nurse coordinator. She was in this role for three years and then had to move to another state with her family. During her time away from newborn screening she worked in a variety of nursing roles, but nothing tugged at her heart the way newborn screening does. Jennifer returned to the Oklahoma Newborn Screening Program as the Program Manager in summer of 2018 for the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Contact Information: 

Jennifer Baysinger, MSN, RN

Newborn Screening Program Manager

Oklahoma State Department of Health

405-271-6617  ext 56756




Oklahoma Newborn Screening Program Website: nsp.health.ok.gov

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