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Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Part Two - James Craig, MSW, LCSW

May 6, 2022

We are certain you will truly enjoy today's conversation! As we continue our discussion on Maternal Mental Health, we highlight today, how you can bring awareness and support to your sister, friend, cousin, brother and others in your life who might be experiencing the number one complication from pregnancy and birth, a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.


James frequently says, "It's so important to reduce stigma and talk about mental health as much as physical health; it's not "them" it's your sister, friend, neighbor... Not them, but "us". When you have any new parents in your life, reach out and ask not only about the new baby, but how are they? Can you schedule time to hold the baby so mom can take a break? Could you set times to call or text each week so they can talk to another adult and feel more like themselves?"


James shares with us how we can get involved in our community and provides some wonderful tools which are available through the Oklahoma State Department of Health Maternal Child Health website.


Thank you for partnering with us to bring awareness, conversation, support, and education this week on the subject of Maternal Mental Health.


Community Engagement Opportunities:

OKC PSI Climb Out of The Darkness Walk: https://climbout2022.causevox.com/team/team-okc


Tulsa PSI Climb Out of The Darkness Walk Info: https://climbout2022.causevox.com/team/team-tulsa


Resources Mentioned:

Postpartum Plan:  https://oklahoma.gov/content/dam/ok/en/health/health2/aem-documents/family-health/improving-infant-outcomes/maternalmentalhealth/Postpartum%20Plan_fillable.pdf


Mothership Rising App: https://www.mothershiprising.com/how-it-works/


Family Video Stories from Oklahoma: https://vimeo.com/showcase/6597453/embed


Maternal Mental Health Website: https://oklahoma.gov/health/family-health/improving-infant-outcomes/maternal-mental-health.html


Postpartum Support International: https://www.postpartum.net/


Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Center: https://opqic.org/


The Blue Dot Project:  https://www.thebluedotproject.org/mmhweek2022


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