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For The Village, Inc: Enhancing Birth Outcomes in the Black Community

February 1, 2021


"In the United States a Black baby is 2-3 times more likely to die before reaching their first birthday compared to a white baby. A Black woman is 3 to 4 times more likely to die due to pregnancy or labor complications compared to a white woman. Providing informed, genuine, empowering, and evidenced-based support to Black families during the peri-natal period will make a difference with these statistics. When these services are provided to Black families by Black birthworkers we have the potential to make an even bigger impact." - For The Village, Inc.

Listen in today as Oklahoma Family Network introduces you to For The Village, Inc., a non profit established to enhance birth outcomes in the Black community. 

Today you will meet Farah Antoine-Mayberry, OT, CLC and hear her heart, as she speaks to the: what and why, For the Village, Inc was established; and then hear how you can become an active part of the solution for better outcomes in the Black community.

To learn more about For the Village, Inc, visit: https://forthevillageinc.org/

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