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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Episode 07 - Tracy Whitaker (ALL) - Part One

September 27, 2021

Fourteen years ago today, (September 27th) a 10 year old little boy left this world and went to be with Jesus, because of Childhood Cancer.  Today you will hear Mitchell's story, through his Mom, Tracy Whitaker.


This month our podcast series has focused on childhood cancer awareness and we released three incredible family stories, each with  a different diagnosis and each with some really incredible outcomes.


I want to prepare our listeners today that our family story will shine a light on a piece of childhood cancer we really do not enjoy talking about, but is a conversation we want to have for several reasons. Childhood cancer sometimes has a devastating end. The child is not always cured and does not always go home after their treatment plan has ended. We want to talk about the hard, and the hardest.


This family story is a story of great strength, faith, fight, determination, never giving up, always bringing awareness, and provides each of us with information on how to live day to day when the hard turns to the hardest.  


I had the incredible privilege to interview Tracy Whitaker, Mitchell’s mom, for our podcast today and I know her words will touch your heart. I want to thank you for listening today and hearing Mitchell’s story. I want to thank you for allowing Mitchell’s name to be said over and over as Tracy shares their journey through childhood cancer and the toll it took on their family!


Many hugs and much love to the Whitaker Family today as they celebrate Mitchell's life, legacy, contributions to Childhood Cancer treatment and support for others!


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