We Saved You a Seat

Meningitis Awareness Day Family Story with Heather Pike

April 20, 2022


Heather Pike, Associate Director of the Oklahoma Family Network shares the "why" behind what she does professionally and personally.  In our latest episode of We Saved You A Seat, Heather walks us back 23 years ago when her son, Layton, was very sick and ultimately, diagnosed with meningitis. 


Heather discusses the impact meningitis had on Layton's developmental milestones, the impact it had on his little 11-month-old body and shares how important meaningful resources were to her, as well as her desire to help guide families to those wonderful resources and helpers in our community.


Some of the resources she highlights:

SoonerStart:  https://oklahoma.gov/health/family-health/sooner-start.html

Hearts For Hearing:  https://heartsforhearing.org/

DRS Resource:  https://oklahoma.gov/okdrs.html

Become a Supporting Parent:  https://oklahomafamilynetwork.org/what-we-do/become-a-supporting-parent/


For More Information on Meningitis:  https://www.meningitis.org/


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